A perfect example to support President Obama's call for more infrastructure spending. A railroad bridge in Paulsboro, NJ, collapsed this morning, causing a serious hazardous chemicals spill:

Four railroad tank cars have been dumped into the Mantua Creek and are leaking vinyl chloride after the train bridge collapsed at about 7 a.m.

Ambulances are being sent to the Paulsboro Marine Terminal where approximately 18 people are reported to be experiencing breathing difficulties at 7:40 a.m.

Initial responders report seven cars overturned and derailed near the 200 block of East Jefferson Street, between North Delaware Street and the creek.


Meanwhile, the GOP sticks to its "let the rich eat more donuts so the poor can lose more weight" diet plan for the country.

hat tip to Talking Points Memo where I first saw the story.  TPM now has raw video footage of this:



UPDATE: it's great to see this on this Rec List, thanks!

Another aspect of this story that I've been pondering: the Keystone XL pipeline. How can we justify building such things, when we can't even maintain the infrastructure we have?  

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