Found this original on a 1994 CD of stock images.  Edited a lot for final.
Republicans LIE shamelessly big, small, and continuously, hoping to manipulate the media. They're good at it because they don't care what they say, and for the most part, Democrats do.

Birtherism? Death Panels? Vince Foster? Whitewater? Swiftboats? Iraqi Nukes?  

Those are just the Oscar winners.

Because the lazy national media profits from the "he said / she said" game of arguing talking heads, it never punctures whatever outlandish deceit the Repugs propagate.

Just consider how Candy Crowley's correcting Mitt's LIBYA LIE was such an important moment.  And how effective, important, and unsual it was when the Media called LIE on Mitt's  "BIG JEEP MOVING FART."

Sad to think it might have been more to protect its big auto advertisers than good journalism.

The very day after the election, the Petraeus sex scandal pushed the narrative about the powerful Democratic victory right off the front page.  Otherwise McCain would have ramped up his full-time "Benghazi cover-up" sooner.

This goes well beyond "sling enough dirt and some will stick."  

McCain's goal isn't blocking Susan Rice.  He isn't about McCain and McCain's power.  It's distracting the media from reminding voters of a very recent, very powerful ANTI-REPUBLICAN election.

Here's where John Kerry fits in.

Suppose President Obama nominates him to the Cabinet.

The media, which loves election gamesmanship, will then go full-time about the Massachusetts "special election."

"Can Scott Brown recapture a Senate seat ???"

"What does it mean if Brown wins?"

Then, if, Gawd forbid, he does, "Voters Already Unhappy with Democrats."

AND, "Republican Comeback from 2012."

Democrats hold the "high ground." Elections do matter, we won the last one, big.

A Scott Brown 2013 victory shouldn't mean much.  But it would to the media.

2012?  Ancient history.

2013?  Republican Revival!

Mr. President, leave Senator Kerry in the Senate.

(No, my wife and I don't live in Massachusetts but in Elizabeth Warren's birth-state, and sent big $ to help her election.  Glad it worked, we also sent money to Martha Coakley's teabagged campaign).

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