Wisconsin Assembly Representative Chris Taylor issued a press release today detailing the first of what will probably be many dismissals of citations issued to participants of Wisconsin's Solidarity Sing Along.

The Sing Along, a lunch hour protest in song form, has been held every weekday at the Wisconsin State Capitol since March 11th, 2011. Shortly after Governor Scott Walker's former bodyguard was promoted to Chief of the Capitol Police earlier this summer, singers and others participating in peaceful protests such as holding signs or writing messages on the sidewalk with chalk began receiving citations alleging disorderly conduct, obstructing access to the Capitol, and illegal displays and rallies. The Chief has instructed his officers to take a "wide stance" when interpreting Wisconsin's administrative code, as you will read about in Rep. Taylor's press release below.


This is worth repeating:

Clearly, a banner is not a hazardous machine.

I am looking forward to many similar citations being dismissed. Not that Chief Erwin is giving up. He had his officers hand out more citations this week as they invent new and twisted legal theories to try to throw the rights of peaceful citizens under the bus. Well, guess what, Chief? The bus you're trying to throw us under? Yeah, we own it.


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