OK .... it is approaching that time of year, when we create some really wonderful holiday concoctions to celebrate the season AND our November election results.  So let me be the first to share.  Although technically it is not a "first" as I shared it last year as well .... but that was a long time ago in a pre-election period far away ...

Credit where credit is due, this recipe is from Rob Kasper of the Baltimore Sun and now is probably thirty or more years old ...

The ingredients:
4 cups bourbon
2 1/4 cups sugar
12 large egg yolks
8 cups whipping cream

Come below for instructions.

1.  Pour bourbon into a very large mixing bowl.  Stir in sugar.  Let it sit several hours -- overnight, if you can wait.

2.Beat egg yolks (no whites) until they are an ugly (I have never figured out the "ugly" part - I just beat until well frothed and mixed) yellow color.  fold them into the bourbon-sugar mixture.  Let sit for two hours, if you can wait.

3.Whip the cream until stiff.  Fold into the bourbon-egg mixture.  Let sit for one hour, if you can wait.

After that, prepare to have spoons available, as if you have really beaten the whipping cream until stiff this is less a drink and more of a spoon-fed event.

BTW - it keep forever (thank-you bourbon) and is great on pumpkin pie and ice cream of most any flavor.  Kasper did have one warning and one rule:


drinking it can lead to singing and to babies
Permissable Rule:
"Is it permissable to lick stray eggnog off lips?" The answer again is "yes." Licking of lips, both yours and others, is permitted but it, too, can lead to children."
Enjoy -- and do share your favorite recipes.

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