The Netroots Nation Holiday Bazaar, ends this Tuesday. With 91 for bid, now is the time to do a little shopping for friends and family. Or treat yourself to one of the hand-crafted items or professional services in the auction (with several added just this weekend.) Let's take a look at a few of those items:

30-Second Video - As  a marketing professional, I know creating a quality video to promote your company or organization can cost a pretty penny. This auction item - a 30-Second Web Video created for you - is a great deal!

The package includes: 1) Developing a concept with you 2) Co-writing a script 3) Half-day shooting 4) Half-day editing and 5) Use your logos and branding. The donors can work with you in the San Francisco Bay Area at anytime or while you're visiting for the next Netroots Nation conference.

'Double Strike' - Original B&W Photograph - This is an original 11"x14" black-and-white stunning photograph of a double lightning strike during a late night thunderstorm at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains in Palm Springs, California.

4 Jars of 'One Screw Loose Jelly & Jelly Rubs - With this auction item you get two jars of Brew ha Habanero Beer Jelly (IPA + Habanero Peppers) and two jars Balsamic Vinegar Jelly with Figs. Talk about a conversation starter!

Fashion Yarn Scarf - This scarf is custom-made for you with this yarn. Exact yarn color may be limited due to availability. Note that the photo is not the actual scarf being auctioned - neither is the woozle :-)

So get those bids in, because the online auction closes this Tuesday at 10ET/7PT. All proceeds from this auction allow us to provide high quality programming at our annual Convention as well as other events around the country.
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