If republicans let the middle class tax cuts expire they will be taking away Christmas for millions of families,including all of the little kids who  so look forward to Christmas. What do you tell that innocent little kid why there is no Christmas. Do you tell them that Scrooge doesn`t want there to be Christmas because everything belongs to them ,the top 2%.Do you tell them that republicans could care less about them thats why they want to take away Christmas, and healthcare  and food, and education..All so the wealthy can have more while everyone else has less..How do you explain to a child that there may not be Christmas this year?How can republicans be so cold hearted and greedy as to take away Christmas for millions of innocent children?Where is the compassion? Merry Christmas to the top 2%  hope you get everything you deserve.Think about it ..you are supposed to give on Christmas but they want to take away..How can these people live with themselves?Guess if you have no heart you have no feelings.. Happy Holidays to all no matter your faith or beliefs,, Peace and Love .

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