I was in the comments section of another diary and the some of the commenters wrote about putting "human" or other such identifier in place of one of the standard choices for "race" on forms. I'd like to urge you not to do this. I'm taking a quick break from studying, so I'm just going to repeat what I wrote in that diary below.  

I wrote:

There is a problem with just ignoring race on forms and stuff. The only reason we know things like black babies are more likely to die than white babies is because of race reporting on forms. How do address an injustice like this if you don't have the means to even identify it? I've seen some arguments for making economic status the identifier in place of race, the theory being that the underlying problem with negative stats for minorities is really economic status. While it seems logical, and probably is true, it doesn't capture the racial injustice, the fact that blacks (and other minorities) are more disadvantaged BECAUSE of their skin color. It's a weird conundrum, because we have to deal with the reality of our racist society, but it seems like even acknowledging race is perpetuating it.
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