In September I wrote a diary about sedition that sank like a stone.

Two months and one kick-ass election later, I am angrier than ever about the seditious behavior of the completely truculent GOP.

The Middle East is going up in flames, and Obama has to spend half his time fighting for an issue that was completely decided by the election, by poll after poll - raising taxes on the rich. The continued instransigence rises to the level of sedition, if not treason.

If you are as pissed as me, come below the orange @#$%& symbol.

What does Obama have on his plate, just in the Middle East:

1) The Syrian civil war is threatening to escalate to the WMD level, with the President publicly warning the Syrians of consequences if they use chemical weapons - especially against other countries.

2) The Egyptian revolution threatens to descend back into authoritarianism and/or violence because the hard-line Moslem Brotherhood has made a power grab. Obama may or may not have been counting on Egypt to broker something in Gaza. Either way, his job just became much harder.

3)  The Israelis are still muttering about attacking Iran,  circulating phony evidence to the IAEA, and generally behaving as though they have the right to attack anyone they can reach. Obama has spent months trying to keep the belligerent rightwing jerk, Netanyahu, from doing something stupid. He has even remained silent about Netanyahu's blatant side-taking in the election.

4) After once again spending US prestige in a futile attempt to prevent the UN from giving a symbolic victory to the Palestinians,  that same government has what many people have characterized as a temper tantrum and decided to build settlements in a no-go zone.

In a time of national peril like this, how can the GOP's sabotage and obstructionism be anything less than sedition? Obama is juggling hand grenades with the pins pulled, and the GOP is tying his shoelaces together. It is not funny. It is treasonous.

And despite all the play given to the Michael Grunwald column at Time magazine, the media continues to enable the GOP in its sedition.

When the Dixie Chicks sang a song that Bush didn't like they were harassed by the media as "unpatriotic" and made to pay a financial price. But the GOP is literally sabotaging Obama's diplomacy, and the media continue to play "he said/she said".

The GOP is still beating the Benghazi drum, long after that issue should have been put to rest by anyone with an ounce of honesty.

The GOP, in the disgusting person of McCain, has said they will approve NO ONE for any cabinet position if they don't get their way. To oppose the lawful transfer of power of a vital role (SoS) in time of war and international confict - how is this anything less than bloody treason?

Is it sedition yet? When are the Dems going to stop playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules and call out these GOP thugs and fanatics for the traitors that they are?

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