I don't want to see a repeat of 2010. This is is silly. If I have to have my  families taxes raised in order to get all that money back into the pot i'd rather our taxes go up. I'm mad. I'm not jealous at rich. I'm mad because all I see around me is suffering and strife due to lack of money and if you want to call my rage for the suffering of OTHERS and not just myself "envy" simply because my priority is that the hungry get fed and the sick get attended to more so than your ass gets to go to the vineyard then call it "envy" I however call it righteous anger. Anger that is indigant enough to have his own taxes raised merely to get back at the scum sucking bottom feeders who stole it from the rest of us. I'd like to see us write letters and call our congress men. Let them know that the vast majority of us were spared mere pennies on that tax cut. Maybe 30 bucks a month here. We might have gotten a few extra gallons of milk a month. Now we're making 100k  and I still doubt it's much at all. If the GOP decides to tell us it's all the tax cuts or none of them I opt for None of them. I want my representive to know I'd rather go out kicking and screaming. Let them know Medicaid and Medicare and Social security are NOT on the table and if they consider it on the table, they are too. That as DONORS and Former volunteers all that weight will be thrown behind one of their challengers next time around. No surrender.

Yes that's right. I called it compsurrender, because that's what happens every time the way they play their game. Don't let them win this time. Sooner or later democrats are going to have to stand for something enough to embrace chaos or call their bluff to win. Let that be This Congress.

I sent mine off...

"I see the gop is positioning in the same tired old way when it comes to the bush tax cuts. Our president wants desperately to shield the middle class and the GOP knows this and are attempting to hold his feat to the fire and saying if you want to protect them you have to protect us all. I have a response to all of this. Faced with the choice between letting ALL of the bush tax cuts expire or extending ALL of them and no middle option I say let them expire. I belong to a middle class family and we saved all of 30 dollars a month because of Bush's tax policies. We might have gotten a few gallons of milk and butter and such a month because of them but this isn't worth it. It's pennies in a jar. Honestly. If it cost me 30 dollars a month to make the people who have made us all suffer scream whine and moan I say it's worth it. The wailing and gnashing of thee

I started a petition on the white house website


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