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On January 1st a number of very good and very bad things will become law.  There will be cuts to defense spending.  Capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, and overall tax rates on the wealthy will be restored to what they were before the travesty we now know as the Bush Administration.  We will become less indebted to lenders, both foreign and domestic, mitigating future inflation and saving our progeny from a larger burden.

Yet not all will be well on January 1st.  Serious cuts to important programs will take place.  Thousands of families will likely lose food or heating benefits.  Non-profits will suffer.  Homelessness will increase.  We will all see our payroll taxes return to pre-2009 levels.  Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security will struggle to avoid also being cut under the callous, sequestration axe.

What is a good Democrat to do in such a situation?

Doctor - first do no harm.

What should our baseline be for compromise?  It certainly must be something better than what will actually happen January 1st if our government fails to act.  Not a single Republican proposal offers the American people anything better than what will actually happen January 1st if nothing is done.

As our team leadership so aptly put it -- we are not going to negotiate with ourselves.

If the Republicans want to seriously bring something to the table it must be something better than what will happen January 1st.  Otherwise, there can be no compromise.  

I welcome January 1st as the start to a Glorious New Year... one in which the Republicans can do no more damage than what they have already done.  They only have the House through gerrymandering... the last I looked 1 million more people voted for Democrats for Representative in Congress in 2012.  The American People as a whole did not vote for Republican rule of any National Institution.

I found myself welcoming the thought today of Hillary in 2016.  Four more years?  The Supremes might be 7-2 Dem by 2020.  Not even the Republican Congressional Gerrymander could stand up to that.

Yet, the pain to the people we fight for will be real.  Real people will suffer under sequestration.  Families will have their lights turned off.  Food banks will close.  Community health centers as well.

Be ready to give to those in need come January.  We can and must take care of those the callous so readily neglect.  The people, united, can never be defeated.  We can volunteer!  We can support these non-profits!  We can fill the breach!

Be the better people.

Hold the Line!

Generations to come will remember who fought for whom.


Come January 1st I will

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