Well, I wasn't able to connect with Ann through facebook, perhaps a subtle change in my likes, friends and follows scared her away from my social media presence. However, I did manage to run into Ann down at COSTCO. I reminded her of her pledge to help the poor oppressed downtrodden and shame ridden readers of Daily Kos. I caught her as she picked out gallons of fruit drinks, no orange or grape mostly cherry and fruit punch. She has her assistants carry them to the motorcade of shopping carts that make her easy to spot whether her husband is running for office or not. She sighed and promised me she would, gave me the number to a cell phone burner she bought and begged me not to scold her in public for fawning over the bell ringer manning the kettle.

                                            after the rusty iron rococo cartouche

  So here it is the Holiday edition and #waronchristmas counter-insurgency edition of Ask Ann Romney. She answers all of your questions even though she could not care less about your problems. Its charity in its purist form.

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