Sometimes I go dumpster diving. Today I went to foxnationDOTcom and took a look at an article in the Opinion section, titled OPINION: Obama - I am the Law

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Follow the bouncing regressive after the sideways orangutan soul patch.

Read on, and see if you can sense the same thing I'm sensing. Note I have not picked all the vicious and insane in-between comments, just the cherries, and there were more.

From: Revolutioniscoming
The mainstream media is one of the reasons Ovomit is where he is at today.They will hide any type of small uprising as long as they can.It has to be a very large movement,so it cannot be hidden.Something to get started with like what Glenn Beck started at the mall in DC a few years ago with massive crowds.Then the main stream media will have to start reporting.

From: Revolutioniscoming
This government and its state of being is the reason the framers guaranteed the people the 2nd amendment
I think it is time we exercised the right. If they try and stop us from abolishing them from their lofty places of rulership. Then they have tipped their hand as to their real intent for America. A small group of lawmakers who have assumed a stance of dictatorship over the people.
Fear is not going to hold back the people forever. Eventually a spark will set off the powder-keg of revolution and the ones in DC will flee for their lives. They are the ones forcing this on us in direct violation of the oath they swore to uphold. We demand representation. We demand that we hold the power over our governance. We are the people.

(This pile of conservative lunacy continues. He is clearly not wrapped too tightly.)

From: Revolutioniscoming
We the people cannot get them to represent us. So there will be no imeachment.
We are ruled not governed . We can fix this rulership issue if we want to.

(The butthurt little conservative, still stinging from full-on repudiation of his masters agenda, got a reply.)

@Revolutioniscoming @hidad @rcaamo
YES-----we have GUNS----IF the EGYPTIANS who are protesting now had guns----MORSI would be DEAD already

(Which brought this almost ejaculating response.)

From: Revolutioniscoming
That is a fact! And we need to use and exercise the 2nd amendment for the purpose it was given to us. To shove off tyranny and oppressive government

These foxnationdotcom denizens appear to be plotting a violent act. When will they do it? When will our FBI and Secret Service investigate FoxNationdotCom as a place where treasonous and seditious people are congregating? When?

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