Yesterday The Blaze posted a story about Anderson Cooper with the following image:

With a brief explanation:
On his talk show Tuesday, Cooper said he was in Portugal last week working on a story for “60 Minutes” and spent two hours on the water. The newsman says that later, he developed a burning sensation in his eyes and lost sight for 36 hours...

Dr. Nancy Snyderman, chief medical correspondent for NBC News, explained to Cooper he had suffered a retina burn. Snyderman cautioned that “everybody needs sunglasses,” adding that protection from the sun can prevent cataracts later in life.

Predictably the comments filled up with the usual conservative creativity regarding Cooper and, of course, his sexuality:
His boyfriend was aiming for his mouth but he accidently poked him in the eye!
I was thinking that Portugal doesn’t have laws preventing ‘gaybashing’. Seems right to me! They don’t stay in Kentucky. They move to Califonia where they can parade and go nude. I’m glad SF is a gay santuary city. It improves the red states by vacuuming up the trash.
Haven’t read the post..

But something about this picture , brings a smile to my face.

‘Golden showers, burn your eyes…tears await you, when you rise….sleep pretty Cooper, do not cry…tomorrow, do the other eye…’
Im wondering if Anderson Pooper ran into a big black man while in Portugal
Would the Blaze have published this "story" if Anderson wasn't gay? Is the thought of someone who is gay being in pain so titillating they can't resist spreading it? Do they really not expect their comments to fill up with the usual homophobia drivel?


Would The Blaze publish this "story" if Anderson was straight?

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