POIS- Prevention of injury status

Blenis stated that Manning had sent two letters from the brig using the name “Breanna”, and he considered this a reason to place Manning on Prevention of Injury status. Blenis claimed that this was “not normal” and “not stable”.
Blenis was a Sargent given a role as "counselor" being enlisted means the Sargent had no degree that would enable him to make counseling decisions based on fact.

Again the right wing need to place everyone into preformed boxes is being used to justify outright psychological abuse.

1829 - The first experiment in solitary confinement in the United States begins at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. It is based on a Quaker belief that prisoners isolated in stone cells with only a Bible would use the time to repent, pray and find introspection. But many of the inmates go insane, commit suicide, or are no longer able to function in society, and the practice is slowly abandoned during the following decades.
Now the Marines have two options regarding solitary confinement.

They can say they are too ignorant of what they are doing thus failing their obligation to protect and defend to the best of their ability.

Or they need to admit they are intentionally driving people insane as psychological torture.

Every day Transgender prisoners are slowly driven insane because our criminal justice system instead of housing them properly places them in perpetual solitary confinement. So Breanna's treatment does not surprise me.

It still sickens me though.

In the treatment of gender non conforming inmates we have miserably failed. This little snapshot is just the tip of a deep iceberg of institutionalized Transphobia

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