Remember the Ryan Budget?  The Magna Carta of the Tea Party that sailed through the House back in March, then got Ryan on the national ticket because Romney was so taken by his intellectualism and new ideas?

Well guess what?  It's dead as the veritable doorknob.  And you know why?  Because back on November 6 those damn Americans just couldn't bring themselves to vote for a smaller government.

The fold awaits thee....

The centerpiece of the Ryan budget that was adopted by the Republican majority back in March was the voucherization" of Medicare.  And this provision, combined with major cuts in other social programs, was going to restore fiscal integrity without raising taxes, remember?

Well in case you forgot about it, you've got company with the Republican leadership because they've forgotten about it too. What the Republicans are calling a "significant concession" to the Democrats, the Ryan budget has been taken off the table and replaced by a hodge-podge of gimmicks and so-called loophole closings that leaves Meducare virtually intact.

Meanwhile the Bomber keeps methodically plodding along, forced to remind the Republicans every day that he actually won the election. Maybe later this month some of the Presidential electors will refuse to show up and ratify the 332 electoral votes that somehow ended up in the blue column.

No, they can't be that delusional. They can't? Exactly one month after the Romney-Ryan ticket couldn't stop Obama from being the only President since Ike to win successive popular votes by more than 50 percent (I know, they did it by suppressing the Republican vote) Paul Ryan has now realized that the Republicans lost because they don't care enough about...poverty!  That's right.  Poverty!  Here's what he learned from the election:

We must carry on and keep fighting for the American Idea – the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to rise … to escape from poverty…and to achieve whatever your God-given talents and hard work enable you to achieve.
What did Marx say in The 18th Brumaire?  Something about how people "make their own history." Even if it's delusional history.  

Originally posted to Mike the Gun Guy on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 04:25 AM PST.

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