ACORN didn't steal Mitt Romney's Presidency.

There is no UN plot to do anything meaningful ever.

There is no Benghazi conspiracy/cover up either.

Ronald Reagan raised the debt ceiling 18 times.

There is no conspiracy to take away your guns.

No one voted for Obama because of what he promised to give them, though millions voted against Romney/Ryan because of what they promised to take away.

There is no war on Xmas. If there is, Xmas is winning in a blow out.

Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times. No one went Galt at all.

Slightly more below the fold . . .

And Finally, watching Fox News has rendered a portion of America functionally stupid, particularly white people who live outside of urban areas. Just like the hit AMC show, these people live in constant fear, carry a lot of guns and don't trust other human beings at all, and their rural society has absolutely collapsed around them. The problem is, Fox News Viewers aren't the heroic rural townsfolk who are fighting to survive, Fox News viewers are the mindless zombies trying to eat your brains.

They wail and groan in a language only other Fox zombies understand, or, as Stephen Colbert once put it, on a frequency only white people can hear.

They lash out at anyone who isn't a Fox zombie as well.

And their leader is Zombie Reagan, a man who would have been labelled a RINO today and torn to shreds by an angry herd of Republican primary voters. Their ideas have failed over and over, but that doesn't matter to them, they will just repackage rejected ideas, learning nothing in the process. Facts don't work on zombies. Neither does Reality.

The good news is that Fox zombie-ism only infects Republicans who watch Fox news. America's youth is highly resistant to Fox zombie-ism, and it seems that the worst has passed. Sadly, many of those unfortunate people who are trapped in a world of death panels and zombie Reagan worship are beyond recall. Consistently the least informed people in America by a long shot, they are The Walking Dumb.



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