Official portrait of Rep. Virginia Foxx
Rep. Virginia Foxxxxxxxxx (R-Crazy Town)
Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx sure loves her traditional values.

She believes defense authorizations bills are the perfect place to include some good old fashioned discrimination against gay service members, just like Jesus said.

She has "very little tolerance" for people who need to borrow money to put themselves through college instead of doing it the traditional, non-loan-needing way she did when she went to college 700 years ago, as the Declaration of Independence clearly demands.

And she's an old school feminist, which is why she is an ardent supporter of any and all bills to strip women of their reproductive rights, just like the suffragists did when they marched and starved themselves, demanding to have fewer rights. In fact, as Foxx explained, "[N]obody has ever fought more for the rights of women than I have."

So it should surprise precisely no one that Foxx is now fighting to preserve the sanctity of traditional elevator-riding values:

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) chewed out a House staffer after catching her riding on a “members only” elevator, according to an ITK tipster who was on the scene. [...]

Foxx said to the staffer, “This is a ‘members-only’ elevator; can you read?” She then demanded the staffer’s name before the elevator stopped after going just one more floor up. “Get out here,” Foxx supposedly commanded.

Before our insider and the berated staffer exited, the politician exclaimed, “What does this sign say? It says, ‘Members of Congress only.’ ”

But that wasn’t it. The innocent staffer attempted to point out that the sign next to it stated, “during votes,” which is when, our tipster says, Foxx started yelling, “Members only!” as she pointed to signs.

“I’m just making sure we are hiring people who know how to read,” the lawmaker said.

See? Making non-members stick to their non-members elevators is as American as mom and apple pie and hating gay people. And that's why Foxx, stalwart defender of traditional values, is merely serving the people who elected her to office as any good, humble public servant would: by screaming at them to stay the fuck off her members-only elevator, stupid illiterate little people.

Amen and God bless America.

Originally posted to Kaili Joy Gray on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 08:40 AM PST.

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