One of my two major complaints about President Obama during his first term was his administration's failure to engage in a sustained, ongoing public relations campaign to fight all the lies about Obamacare AFTER it was enacted. It's what enabled the Republicans and their Tea Party jihadists to completely misrepresent Obamacare and enabled them to lie their way into the majority in the House of Mis-representatives and untold governors' mansions in 2010.

Even while Obamacare was being debated, many people, myself included, kept trying to tell the Obama administration that such a contentious and controversial program would require a sustained, ongoing public relations campaign to prevent the other side from getting away with lying and engaging in demagoguery over it. The Obama administration did little in terms of defending Obamacare after its enactment, allowing Republicans and their shamelessly dishonest minions in the Tea Party to lie to the American public about virtually every aspect of it.

And now, we have a report that shows that Obamacare's already saved consumers $1.5 billion in medical costs:


The Obama administration needs to ensure that every single American is aware of this fact, with a continued, ongoing public relations campaign to refute the ongoing lies, distortions and blatant demagoguery that continues until this very day.

The administration and all of their allies need to be taking this type of information and "singing it from the mountaintops," so to speak.

And this is BEFORE all of the major provisions of Obamacare have even been implemented.

Take that, you lying thugs in the Republican Party.

(P.S. For anyone who's interested, the second major complaint about the Obama administration's first term: all-too-willingly watering down the stimulus program (after announcing a $1.7 trillion stimulus program, the administration immediately signaled its willingness to “compromise” which resulted in Republicans taking advantage of an already weakened  negotiating position, resulting in a stimulus program which was about half of what it should have been, which resulted in a sluggish economic recovery that allowed one of the weakest Republican party nominees in history to actually con their way into contention in the 2012 Presidential election.)

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