The Michigan state House has introduced, and the Senate is working on amendments on their respective versions of an anti-union bill. Meanwhile:

An injunction to allow access to the Capitol has been ordered, but people are not being permitted in!!  #NoRTWMi
@BarbByrum via HootSuite
Democrats have left the House chamber in protest of the chamber continuing to meet while the Capitol is essentially in lock-down
@GongwerMichigan via web
House Democrats letting people into Capitol
@GongwerMichigan via web
The bill, which just a year ago Gov. Rick Snyder was saying he didn't want, is being heavily supported by the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity. That type of support helps explain why Republicans are so intent on ramming the bills through the state House and Senate, at whatever cost to democracy. (Who am I kidding? "Legislating for the wealthy at whatever cost to democracy" is basically the GOP slogan at this point.)

The situation continues developing quickly.

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