I've been watching the republican party and it's various factions closely since the election, particularly the last few days, and the hypothetical question has occured to me--what person picked from history would be the most appropriate choice to lead them at this moment?

    I submit the Reverend Jim Jones of the People's Temple, Jonestown Guyana. Calling the rank-and-file to the pavillion, the lieutenants preparing the vats and syringes.

    And finally the actual words of the real Jones at the grand ceremony......

  "For some months I've tried to keep this thing from happening. But I now see it's the will--it's the will of Sovereign Being that this happen to us. That we lay down our lives to protest against what's being done. For God's sake, let's get on with it. We've lived--we've lived as no other people lived and loved. We've had as much of this world as you're gonna get. Let's just be done with it. Let's be done with the agony of it.  It's far, far harder to have to walk through every day, die slowly--and from the time you're a child 'til the time you get gray, you're dying. And I'm sure that they'll--they'll pay for it. They'll pay for it. This is a revolutionary suicide. This is not a self destructive suicide. So they'll pay for this. They brought this upon us. And they'll pay for that. I leave that destiny to them. Please get us some medication. It's simple. It's simple. There's no convulsions with it. It's just simple. Just, please get it. Before it's too late. I tell you. Get movin', get movin', get movin'."  



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