"Mom" is an LPN who holds multiple part-time jobs, from caregiver to janitorial.

I mentioned to "Mom" that I had something in common with President Obama, and first showed her my "White House Christmas" card with "First Dog" Bo cavorting in the snow.

SNARKY COMMENT from MOM, "Aren't you special?"

Even so, I showed her the picture of my own Schnazuer taken the day before on Santa's lap, before answering her snark with, "I'm sure millions who donated to his campaign received the same card."

"You donated to Obama?  What on earth for?  I can't stand that man, and would never vote for him."

"I voted for Obama because his healthcare reform enabled me to get my son covered, and even though he's very healthy, you know he had a childhood diagnosis which made him an automatic denial.  Twice."


"And I know you're counting on Social Security, which the Republicans want to kill or put in the stock market.  I'm counting on it, too.  With Medicare."


Then she asked, "So what's the deal with what that Obama law does?"

"The deal," I said, "is that low income Americans will receive subsidized health insurance.  Everyone's eligible, no denials, no lifetime maximums.  Of course, we live in OkieHoma where our stupid Republican Governor and Legislature has decided to leave 675,000 people uninsured when they could cover many if not most for free with Federal Medicaid subsidies."


"My daughter's just had her second abnormal pap smear.  (Daughter's In her late twenties)."

"Seems too early to me for her to be in real danger?"

"Should be, but cancer runs through my family like water."

"Does she have health insurance?"

"Can't afford it.  Only had the pap smears because she was being evaluated as a kidney donor for a very close friend."

"That's scary," said I, thinking the conversation was about to wrap up.

But it wasn't.

"Mom" then continued, "And my son just lost his job.  He's trying to pay the $800 a month COBRA until he or his wife can get a job, and he needs shoulder surgery."

Back to the daughter, briefly.

"She probably can't get health insurance because of those pap smears, can she?"

"Probably not, that is under the old law, but a big Obamacare reform is that she she can't be denied because of a pre-existing condition.

Maybe "Mom" will never leave behind the anti-Obama anti-Democrat Redneck hostility she first snarked, but at least she's thinking . . .

The header image is of Adenocarcinoma from a pap smear test.

"Story Behind 2012 White House Holiday Card:

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