It's the holiday season again. Good will abounding, all about us, every one! Shall peace reign and the brotherhood of humankind be restored on Capitol Hill, too, and across this great nation of likely voters in 2014?

The GOP is working on that. Let us count the ways.

First, a woman is called to the fourth highest leadership position in the GOP House, another vaulted to one of the 21 committee chairmanships on a committee she isn't on. (Now there's affirmative action for ye!) Second, there is talk - to be sure, only talk, but that's sure something. After all. Isn't it? - of a black Republican being appointed to fill the James Warren DeMint Senate seat. Third, the specter of Marco Rubio ascendant - on a plain plane with the now-distinguished Paul Ryan! - at the Jack Kemp dinner.

What, you say? The Santorum/Tea Party/Home Schooler lobby keeping US citizens off the UN Treaty on the Disabled Rights around the world. Oh, that. Well, wait'll next year; this was just a lame duck session matter.

What's next? To which demographic will the GOP appeal, now that they've done so much for so many?

Wait for it ...

That acute observer of history and the human condition, the inimitable Stan Freberg (look it up, youngsters; he's an iconic satirist of my generation!), has some advice for those who would reach out for the brass ring of all-inclusiveness. It's a parable, to be sure, but ever so pertinent. From his 1961 album Stan Freberg Modestly Presents the United States of America, Volume One: The Early Years":

Let’s take an Indian to lunch this week.
Show him we’re a regular bunch this week.
Show him we’re as liberal as can be.
Let him know he’s almost as good as we.
Make a feathered friend feel fed this week.
Overlook the fact that he’s red this week.
Let him share our Quaker Oats this week,
Because he’s very useful when he votes …

Let’s give in and do the brotherhood bit.
But let's be sure we don’t make a habit of it …


Hey, don't overlook other demographics and related sentiment ...

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