Why are pundits not talking and writing about what will happen if Michigan or Ohio or NAME THAT STATE effectively bans abortion.  

Before Bob Edgar (current President of Common Cause) went to Congress he was a pastor at Drexel University.  During that time he rode with the Philadelphia Police in what was he called their “Meat Wagons.”  He can tell many very, sad stories about botched abortions and some deaths.  

Pundits have interns, producers and researchers who could locate medical professionals who were ER physicians and nurses during the pre-Roe vs. Wade era to discuss the deaths, the women who would never give birth to a child, etc. How many teaching hospitals are there in the major metropolitan areas where most pundits work.  ER docs who became Med School Profs.  Many years ago I used to date a Penn MED ER physician.  It was not…    

While their research staff is arranging for ER physicians and nurses are locating they can be locating the parents of women (many just children) who died as a result of illegal abortions to tell their stories.  

Next, locate and ask women who survived botched abortions during the era to discuss that time in their lives and their feelings today, especially those who could not have children.

Finally, I’ll bet any many police officers who served during pre-Roe vs. Wade could add to the discussion

Remember: Without Deep Throat the Greatest Gerneration would not recognize today’s America as the America so many died to preserve.

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