We don't all knit all the time here at Casa Jenn.  We're versatile.   Multi-craftual.  Sometimes we don't even use yarn.  Or fabric!  ;-)  

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I showed my kids kirbybruno's amazing Expelliarmus Wand Crafting Diary and they were intrigued.

Son made before Halloween, lost it (in his trick or treat bag), and son and daughter made more.  

This is the pre-Halloween painting.  His hair looks really short.  


For Reformation, many in our church congregation wear red.  We do this again at Pentecost, after Easter.  I seemed to have hardly any red and felt bad just dressing my kids.  I found cute red shoes and a scarf on sale.  Then I tried to make some red jewelry.

I just strung beads and tied a few knots and used a head pin for the earrings.  I love the designs.  Mostly I was trying to show my daughter how to use small beads and alternate textures to make a design.  She was trying to just string the beads out of the package with no imagination.  ;-)

So I found a local bead store, even though two have recently closed, and took a lesson in the Project of the Month:
I was inspired to make matching earrings with the leftovers:
I learned so much the first 5 minutes!  And so much more ever since.  I will probably re-string and otherwise re-work the Red jewelry.

The December project is rather complicated, a beautiful crystal wreath with a bow made of those tiny beads, and hanging on cord instead of chain or anything.  I am done with the pendant and working on peyote stitching the bow.  

My children requested an Advent wreath.  We have one at church of course, but apparently seeing it twice a week is not enough. ;-)

I had a big flat glass plate, some paint, and a few floral sprigs, one of near-ivy and some sparkly maple leaves.  

First, I painted the big glass plate with gold paint.  I did this rather poorly but it finally got done.  It probably wanted several thinner coats instead of one gloppy one.  I sprinkled the glitter on the wet paint around the edge.  

I placed 4 candleholders I previously owned in their approximate location:

Filled in with the snips of greenery:

I trusted the snips of greens to kind of stick to the still-wet paint and not need further adhesives.  I put one of the sparkly maple leaves in the middle:


And in use:

I bought a boxwood wreath at my brand-new Trader Joe's store and fancied it up a little, with daughter's help.  Mostly I showed her how to attach the garlands to the wire on the back (with twisty ties).  She made a little doo-dad of jingle bells and snowflakes to put at the top.


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