Seeing as jnnca just posted a Cleanish 8-6 Georgia Map, I figured I'd dust off one of mine that had been lying around that is also 8-6 and "clean" but takes a bit of a different approach.  This one would elect 7 solid liberals, 5 of whom would probably be black, and 1 John Barrow.  All 8 districts are Dem on average under the DRA numbers.

The Atlanta area in particular is very easy to draw 5 Dem districts from.  In this map I purposefully didn't draw any of the downstate districts into the Atlanta area, but you could very easily shore up Barrow if you did that, not that he needs it.  Even though McCain won his district, Obama underperformed a good amount as evidenced by the Dem average.  Plus, Barrow is well entrenched as a Blue Dog so why would you waste a safe district on him instead of creating an open safe seat for a liberal.

Oh, and I also drew the remaining Republican vote sinks to protect their incumbents, since GA legislators might care about having seniority rather than just screwing around in the north of the state.  Broun, Gingrey, Graves, Kingston, Price, and Westmoreland all retain enough of their prior districts to have little trouble in a primary.

Anyway, I think my map is a little cleaner based on overall shape and regional communities of interest, though it does split more counties.  Still, I'm not entirely satisfied with it and I think you could draw an even better compact map if you draw a 6th Dem seat into the Atlanta area, but this is the one I had lying around.

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