"Now, Now, let's be reasonable. We need to compromise."

This is the "centrist" position, and we know from experience that the "centrist" position is the one that always wins. Only an old radical such as myself would stand up and say, " No! Enough! Enough working people have already died from the effects of insufficient access to medical care. No! Your access to more and more luxuries has already cost us enough. We have already 'compromised' too many working-class lives."

When does it ever end?

Last evening, I comment to OPOL that I should change my name to Ranting Raving Radical. Yes! I feel like climbing up on a roof top and shouting, "ENOUGH. We have given you too many of our Fellow Workers' lives!"

This confounds me: why working people sit back and allow even the mention of such a plan. How did we get to the place where we value our lives, the lives of our family members, our neighbors, our children, our parents, so little that any of our politicians of any political party would dare even mention such a plan?

What we should be fighting for is Medicare Plan E. Medicare for Everyone. The last thing we should ever allow is further limits on Medicare. We should not even allow that discussion to take place.

Once I had a dream that before I retired as a Healthcare Worker we would have Universal Health Care for All in the USA. And by that I did not mean every man woman and child in thrall to the Insurance Industry.

This year, I did retire and that dream is slipping further and further away.

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