Rick Snyder
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder
Democrats from Michigan's congressional delegation spoke with Gov. Rick Snyder Monday morning to urge him to slow the rush to pass an anti-union law, or at least omit a provision that would block voters weighing in on the law in a referendum. Greg Sargent reports:
According to Dems who were on the call, Snyder told them he would “seriously” take into account their objections—which they took as a genuine indication of possible willingness, for now, to reconsider.

“The Governor listened, and he told us he would seriously consider our concerns,” Senator Carl Levin said on a conference call with reporters. [...]

Dem Rep. Sander Levin told reporters that he pointedly informed the Governor that moving forward would guarantee “endless controversy and strife.” Another Congressional Democrat on the call added that “this will be a hugely contentious issue for many years unless the Governor steps back from the brink.” A third said he’d told the Governor that “this is one of the most important decisions he’ll ever make.”

Marcy Wheeler notes that, according to Sen. Carl Levin and Rep. Sander Levin, it seemed from the call that:
Snyder doesn’t understand how unions work. “The Governor in his statement [last week] said it incorrectly” Sandy said, when he suggested workers would lose their job if they didn’t join a union. “And today I still don’t think he understands.” Sandy continued. Congressman Levin went on to remind that the principle that workers could not be forced to join a union has been enshrined since he and then-Governor George Romney negotiated collective bargaining law back in 1965.
(That's a point Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel also got wrong.)

The question is this: Will congressional Democrats, President Obama, the Detroit Free Press, and a whole lot of angry union members and their supporters outweigh a few big Republican donors with Gov. Snyder?

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