If you have kept up on my continuing major "new" computer woes here and here and here, I want you to know that the replacement Dell Inspiron All in One Touch Screen has arrived and my computer tech has just completed setting it up, transferring my files, documents and pictures, installing my printer, and customized my browser settings and bookmarks.  He's gotten awfully good at is since this is the 5th time he's done it (first time after the original was wiped out and reloaded and then subsequent set ups when replacement hard drives, etc. were installed).  Today it only took slightly more than an hour.  The usual extra tip and pan of brownies makes sure he's only too happy to come back on his day off from his regular job.  

So far, so good.  

I'm hoping that this is now going to be the computer I saved for 2 years to purchase.  When it works, it's speedy and I can move into and out of the diaries with comments expanded in a couple of seconds and that has made a huge difference.  Having to keep comments folded up with my old computer and open them up one at a time was a real pain.

So, please send prayers and good thoughts for the success of the replacement.

Join me below the DK cheesedoodle for some news.

So much is happening in the John Doe that I really have been unaware of (yes, our media in Wisconsin really IS that bad) without access to online news, although I see that some folks have stepped up to post in my absence.

Most recently, It appears that Scott Walker and his cronies are proclaiming the end of the John Doe Probe that has been going on for over 2 years.  Not so fast, says the judge who is handling the inquiry.

Walker told a dairy industry audience in Madison Tuesday that the probe could be coming to a close this week. He said he based his assessment on media accounts and a growing sentiment the investigation was coming to an end.
"The John Doe is still open and I have received no indication from the prosecutors that they are going to ask me to close it down as of yet," said Neal Nettesheim, a retired state appeals court judge.

He said while there is no legal requirement to notify the public when the probe ends, either he or Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm will do that.

"I think the public would be entitled to that," Nettesheim said.

Yes, we are entitled to it.  So far:
Six people have been charged so far in connection with the investigation, including Tim Russell, who served as Walker's deputy chief of staff and housing director while Walker was Milwaukee County executive. Russell has a hearing Thursday on a plea agreement with prosecutors. He was charged with embezzling funds from a veteran's group through a nonprofit Walker assigned him to lead.

Kelly Rindfleisch, who succeeded Russell as deputy chief of staff at the county, has pleaded guilty to doing political fundraising while at her county job. She was sentenced to a six-month jail term.

A jury last month found Kevin Kavanaugh guilty of stealing more than $51,000 in money intended for veterans and their families. He was appointed by Walker to the county Veterans Service Commission.

Former Walker aide Darlene Wink pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for doing work for Walker's campaign for governor while at her county job. Railroad executive William Gardner got probation for laundering campaign donations to Walker and others and exceeding donation limits.

Brian Pierick, Russell's domestic partner, is scheduled to stand trial Jan. 29 on a child enticement charge.

Intrestingly enough, during the Kelly Reindfleisch sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf included Scott Walker in the list of those connected with the illegal campaign coordination activities going on inside the Milwaukee County Executives office during Walkers term.  It's the first time Walker was included with his former aides.

The most recent conviction and sentencing of a Walker associate was a couple of days ago.

A former appointee of Gov. Scott Walker was sentenced Friday to two years in prison and two years of extended supervision for embezzling more than $51,000 from donations intended for veterans and their families.

Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Michael Goulee ordered Kevin Kavanaugh, 62, to repay all of the money the former veterans counselor and treasurer of a veterans group stole.

The judge said prison time was necessary as a deterrent to others who might be tempted to steal from charities, because of Kavanaugh's lack of remorse and as punishment for pocketing the cash. Kavanaugh's previously clean criminal record and testimonials from some who said he had helped them weren't enough to warrant a lighter sentence, Goulee said.

Those funds had previously been handled by the group itself with no problems, however then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker insisted that those funds be deposited in the control of his office and appointed Kavanaugh to oversee them.  Sadly, the article on the conviction and sentencing (of course, it's the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, for crying out loud) didn't bother to mention the fund transfer that enabled Kavanaugh to get his hands on them.


1/10/13  Darlene Wink, Walker's constituent services coordinator at the county, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors for doing campaign work while on the county clock (the same as Kelly Reindfleisch). She is scheduled for sentencing Jan. 10.  She entered into an agreement with John Doe Prosecutors to be charged with misdemeanors instead of felonies in return for her cooperation with the probe.  Her sentencing has been delayed twice to ensure her continuing cooperation.

1/22/13  Longtime Walker aide Timothy D. Russell pleaded guilty Nov. 29 to stealing more than $21,000 in Operation Freedom money. He'll be sentenced Jan. 22.

Stay tuned for further developments.


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