If you have an ounce of compassion this Christmas season, save it for John Boehner and the House Republicans. President Obama is treating them as if he has them over a barrel headed for the fiscal cliff, and he does. This is not because Mr. Obama won re-election. After all, he won only 51 percent and needed the greatest voter mobilization operation in history to do it. His leverage now stems from the law, which ends the Bush tax rates on January first, imposing new, higher tax rates and a steep set of spending cuts that fall with special force on the military. Nobody wants these things, but Republicans, the low tax and strong defense party, want them least of all. Not only that, but polls indicate that if these things come to pass, the public, by large margins, will blame the GOP.

Thank you, Fox "News" bobblehead Brit Hume, for explaining that President Barack Obama "only" won 51 percent of the vote. Only. That's barely even winning! Which is why, of course, he's the first president to get 51 percent twice since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

And besides, he only won because of those meddling voters. Unlike, say, the last Republican president. Who won in spite of the voters.

So considering that Obama barely won—and only because people voted for him—he really ought to be nicer to the Republicans and let them have their way because otherwise, if the Republicans drive the country into ruin with their game of fiscal chicken, people will blame Republicans for driving the country into ruin, and that's not very fair, is it?

Come on, President Obama, have a heart. Show some compassion. Let Republicans have their way. After all, 'tis the season.

Originally posted to Kaili Joy Gray on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 09:16 AM PST.

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