Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has apparently done such a bang up job fixing Wisconsin's fiscal problems that his administration feels there are surplus funds available for major renovations at the Governor's Mansion:

Walker's Department of Administration has asked the state Building Commission for $478,700 in general fund-supported borrowing to pay for kitchen renovations at the governor’s mansion.


Much of the money, he claims, will be raised via private donations to the Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation.


If the Building Commission approves Walker's free-spending raid on the treasury, they will effectively be saying Wisconsin has money to burn.

And that King Scott can live large while he demands that everyone else "share" in the sacrifice.

To be fair the request is not uprecedented:
DOA records show that in 2007, a similar request was made under Gov. Jim Doyle (D) to renovate parts of the basement at the executive residence.

Those renovations were paid, in part, with $198,200 of general fund supported borrowing.

A DOA spokesperson says the total budget request was for $384,000, but assumes the balance was paid for with private donations to the Wisconsin Executive Residence Foundation (WERF).

Scott Walker has slashed and burned his way through the state budget since he came into office.  He's screwed over and ignored a lot of people along the way.  And now the mansion the taxpayers of Wisconsin provide isn't good enough for him.  He wants a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in upgrades.  Fucking hypocrite.

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