It's that time again - to set aside your worries about politics and bask in your favorite tunes. poligirl, after numerous stellar contributions to this series, has passed the torch to myself and to blueoregon who last week gave us an outstanding collection of songs. I hope I'll do half as good a job as poligirl, who from what I've seen is one of the hardest working, kindest, intelligent, caring people I've met online.

Join me below the burnt orange angel hair for this week's edition.

Since two weeks ago poligirl titled her last contribution for at least a while "goodbye", I want this to be about "hello" and similar greetings. About my musical self: my listening habits are probably 35% 90s alternative, 30% 80s new wave, 25% classic rock, and 10% of other assorted stuff like nu metal, hard core metal, plus some 70s and 80s hits here and there.

Enough about me, though. This is all about you. I'll post a few of my favorites with "Hello" in the title or any similar greeting, such as "Good morning", "Hola!", "Aloha", "Good Day", "Good Afternoon" or anything else you can dredge up. It can also be the name of a group or a theme of the song.


Favorite "Hello" song

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