In Wisconsin.  Fifteen years ago she belonged to a union.  She didn't attend college, instead she went immediately to work after high school.  She worked very hard.  I was there when she worked the graveyard shift at the plant while juggling raising her children and maintaining her household.  I admire her for everything she accomplished.  

Unfortunately, manufacturing jobs were starting to be dismantled and shipped over seas.  The company she worked for made her and other hard working Americans to choose between their job or the same job for $10 less/hr.  

What could she do?  There wasn't anything she could do.  At this point the company had already decided to ship the manufacturing jobs overseas and all the company was really doing was winding down their American manufacturing while their overseas manufacturing was winding up.  

The really outrageous thing was! Even though her company sent their manufacturing overseas to pay the Chinese pennies on the dollar in labor, there was never a decease in the price of the manufactured goods.

She lost her job, she lost her house and she lost her pride.

I was too young at he time to understand what was happening.  No one really knew what was happening except for the corporations.

It's still going on and it doesn't seem like anyone is really trying to explain the true scope of things.

What happened in Michigan today is truly sad because any politician who supports such things isn't doing so for he benefit of America.

We need someone to make a stand.

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