So 2016 is just around the corner which means its time to start to discussing the democratic candidates for president.  Ok, maybe it's a bit early, but certain people are starting to say Hillary Clinton is inevitable in 2016 and other potential candidates should stand down.  I am not so sure that's a good idea.  

This isn't meant as a slam on Hillary Clinton, but she was only in one tough campaign and it didn't work out so well, and she may not capture the youth vote the way Obama did.  Clearing the primary field for her will not sharpen her campaign skills, and leaving government service this year may not help.

One of the biggest problems for Romney was that he hadn't been in charge of anything since he left the governors office, even though everyone called him "governor" the truth was he was an unemployed guy running for president.  What will people call Hillary "Madame secretary" when "former secretary" would be more accurate, and kind of just hangs there when not said.  I hope people think carefully before nominating Hillary before the campaign even begins

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