I know of several California Kossacks who are active in the state Democratic Party at the state convention level as delegates.  I believe that we can make a difference.

mooremusing wrote a great diary about her experience as a delegate and how you can become one;

Change the California Democratic Party from Within - Become a Delegate. Deadline is Friday!

Essentially you need to sign up online here by Friday December 14.

Why be a Delegate?

. Attend annual convention
. Network with other Democrats
. Represent your constituency
. Elect Party officers
. Promote the California Democratic Party agenda
. Endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office
. Vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures

This video explains the process;

I propose that California Kossacks who are candidates to become delegates step forward and let us know which district they are running in so we can vote for them.

Elections of delegates will take place on January 12 and 13, in 4 weeks.

This video illustrates what goes on at the state convention;

Here is a list of the current candidates.  As you can see, since 6 men and 6 women can be elected per Assembly District, there is plenty of room for additional candidates in most districts. Why not register and see what happens.

And one favor, if you do it and end up going please remember to support single payer legislation.

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