Watching the live concert at Madison Square Garden live.   It's on a number of channels.  Here is a link that lists channels that are showing it:

Bruce Springsteen singing is always awesome.   Will be frequently updating on this concert that benefits the victims of Superstorm Sandy.    My thoughts are still with the people of NY, NJ, and CT who are still trying to rebuild.

And some donation info that occasionally is shown on the screen:

To donate: call 1-855-465-HELP or 1-855-465-4357 or go to www.121212concert.org

4:42 PM PT: Bruce is singing his second song "Wrecking Ball".    Watching the Boss live is awesome.   Will update with the donation phone numbers and website once I see them again.

4:44 PM PT: To donate: call 1-855-465-HELP or 1-855-465-4357 or go to www.121212concert.org

4:48 PM PT: The Boss talking about Ashbury Park, his hometown.   It's good to hear him talk about the Jersey Shore being inclusive.

4:59 PM PT: Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi singing "Born to Run" together.   it's great to see two rock legends doing it together.

5:03 PM PT: hat tip to wader in this comment: http://www.dailykos.com/...

mentioning that on Youtube, Fuse has an easy Google Wallet link to donate.

And Billy Crystal is now speaking.

5:06 PM PT: Trying the code that wader provided:

5:11 PM PT: Susan Sarandan part of the celebrity phone bank.   I also see Martha Stewart in the background there too.

5:12 PM PT: Next up:  Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame.   And joined by Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

5:16 PM PT: "Another Brick in the Wall".    This should be great!

5:20 PM PT: Those kids sure know how to dance!

5:23 PM PT: "Money".    Good tune, and that is one thing that is needed to help rebuild.

5:27 PM PT: Noticed that they subtly managed to censor out the line with word "bullshit' in it.

5:28 PM PT: "Us and Them"  Perfect song to describe how the GOP sees the world.

5:29 PM PT: Always love the saxophone in this song.   And Eddie Vedder has the echo down pat.

5:37 PM PT: Okay, I guess I goofed on Vedder being there earlier.   "Comfortably Numb"  and that's quite a performance of it too.  

5:40 PM PT: Love that outro guitar solo!

5:43 PM PT: Standing O from MSG for Roger, Eddie and the band

5:44 PM PT: Adam Sandler, who has the bad luck of following a great performance like that.

5:47 PM PT: Interesting ad-libbed performance of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"(I like the verison done by the late Jeff Buckley best)

5:54 PM PT: Kristen Stewart sounded jet lagged or something because it felt like she was reading off a teleprompter.   Nice video of Jon Bon Jovi though with him talking about the storm and his hometown.

5:55 PM PT: Bon Jovi, singing "It's My Life".

5:59 PM PT: And now "Wanted Dead or Alive".

6:04 PM PT: Very loud cheers for Bon Jovi after that song

6:05 PM PT: And now more Bruce Springsteen!   Awesome!   And "Who says you can't go home"

6:06 PM PT: Bruce doing Jennifer Nettles part of the duet is interesting.   I wonder if Nettles was busy with Sugarland or something.

6:12 PM PT: Jon doing an acapella opening of "Living on A Prayer".   Very well done!

6:14 PM PT: Now he's doing the regular version of the song, but him doing a few lines from the song a capella was powerful.

6:18 PM PT: Jon Bon Jovi gave a bipartisan shout-out to two 2016 hopefuls:  NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and NJ Governor Chris Christie.   It does seem like they are ignoring Connecticut so far.

6:22 PM PT: Jon Stewart trying to pump up Madison Square Garden.   And makes the obligatory Pink Floyd pot joke.

6:27 PM PT: Eric Clapton.   Another rock legend.

6:31 PM PT: Sounds like Clapton's doing some of his blues stuff.   I don't know the name of the first song nor the second one he's doing now but he sounds great as always.

6:36 PM PT: Third song is "Crossroads"?

6:41 PM PT: Chelsea Clinton.  She looks great.

6:45 PM PT: Informative video on something called Team Rubicon.

6:45 PM PT: And now Jimmy Fallon...livetweeting

6:48 PM PT: Fallon giving a good speech on Coney Island and the Robin Hood Foundation's help towards that part of Brooklyn

6:49 PM PT: And now the Rolling Stones!

6:51 PM PT: Don't know this Rolling Stones tune.  Jagger's got plenty of energy tonight though.

6:54 PM PT: Jagger making a self-deprecating remark about old musicians at Madison Square Garden.   Then doing "Jumping Jack Flash"

6:57 PM PT: Jagger moving like he's no older than his 30s.  And of course, he's likely the rockiest person to ever go to the London School of Economics.

7:03 PM PT: Stephen Colbert, in character, making a Jamie Dimon joke that only Kossacks and Chase employees will get.

7:05 PM PT: Kanye West.   Like that he is mentioning the New York hospitals.   I thought the VA hospital was the worst hit though.

7:07 PM PT: Kanye wants the crowd to give the hospital heroes a standing O

7:08 PM PT: Screen says thta you can text ROBINHOOD to 50555 to give $10 to the Robin Hood Relief Fund.    Will remind myself to do this later tonight

7:08 PM PT: Alicia Keys now performing.   Hair looks very straight.  Don't recognize the song.

7:16 PM PT: Alicia performing "No One" while also asking the audience in MSG to put their cellphones in the air to light up the arena.  It's a very nice visual effect.

7:22 PM PT: Steve Buscemi.    He hasn't really aged well, has he?  Making a joke about him cutting the Stones set short

7:24 PM PT: Buscemi apparently being told mic-holding technique from out of the frame.

7:26 PM PT: The Who!!!!

7:27 PM PT: "Who Are You" as their first song

7:29 PM PT: That must have been the "who the fuck are you" line.

7:35 PM PT: Trying to recognize the second song.  

7:35 PM PT: looks like archive video of the late Keith Moon.

7:39 PM PT: Third song is "Pinball Wizard" from Tommy

7:45 PM PT: That felt more like a Tommy medley.   Now "Baba O'Riley" aka the CSI:NY theme.

7:51 PM PT: Wow "Love Reign O'er Me" from Quadrophenia(or at least I think so)

7:58 PM PT: Sad to say that I don't know this song, but Roger Daltry is singing the heck out it.   Nice mug with the Union Jack too.

8:05 PM PT: LOL at Brian Williams and "your uncle Keith Moon" teaching you words, and "your uncle Roger Daltry" liking to take his shirt off.   I am noticing a strong Jersey focus with occasional New York mentions and very little mention of Connecticut.

8:13 PM PT: Good for Chris Rock to remember to mention Staten Island, but he made it sound like NY and NJ were the only states hit.

8:17 PM PT: I don't really have much to say about Kanye.   I likely won't recognize anything he performs.  OK, I recognize his second one "Jesus Walks"

8:31 PM PT: Kanye's sample of Ray Charles's "I've Got A Woman"(for "Golddigger") was the best part of his set so far IMHO.

8:38 PM PT: I don't like that SNL "Drunk Uncle" bit, sorry.   Never found it funny.

8:42 PM PT: And now Billy Joel, the Piano Man himself.

8:43 PM PT: I don't remember the name of this song, but I remember it from one of the 9/11 benefit concerts.

8:49 PM PT: Second song is "Movin' Out(Anthony's Song)"

8:54 PM PT: Third song was a little bit of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" before doing "New York State of Mind".   Nice holiday moment there.

8:59 PM PT: Fourth song is "River of Dreams"

9:13 PM PT: Computer was acting up during "You May Be Right".   In between that performance, and his next one of "Only the Good Die Young", he omitted Connecticut from his list of places that are rebuilding.   I wonder why CT is getting omitted?

9:14 PM PT: OK, just when I typed that last message, they mention Fairfield, Connecticut.   What timing!

9:15 PM PT: Chris Martin of Coldplay doing "Viva La Vida"

9:19 PM PT: Chris Martin makes a One Direction joke.  LOL about it being past their bedtime.   Wow, at Michael Stipe joining him to sing.

9:19 PM PT: Chris and Michael doing REM's "Losing My Religion"

9:25 PM PT: Is Chris Martin younger than Kanye West?   But he is doing well solo

9:28 PM PT: Interesting that Michael Stipe's appearance was a surprise.

9:29 PM PT: Katie Holmes and Jason Sudekis?   Odd pair to talk together.   Sudekis does a great Joe Biden, I'll say that.

9:31 PM PT: Had to switch channel to G4 since ION just went to a WWE program.  Epic Fail!

9:39 PM PT: Sir Paul McCartney really performing the heck out of "Helter Skelter".

9:41 PM PT: Don't recognize the second song.

9:48 PM PT: Is this third song a Wings song?   That could be why I don't know it either.

9:50 PM PT: Ooh, Diana Krall joining Sir Paul? This could be really good.

9:59 PM PT: btw, I loved Sir Paul's performance of "Blackbird".    And now he's introducing the remaining members of Nirvana.

10:09 PM PT: Yup, Sir Paul McCartney would be a great frontman for a Nirvana reunion tour.   And now "Live and Let Die"

10:15 PM PT: More Alicia.   I bet I know what she'll do.

10:16 PM PT: Yup, it's "Empire State of Mind".

10:24 PM PT: Well, that's it folks.   Good night and thanks for reading this thread.

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