Just when you thought it was safe to take your eyes off the Michigan Legislature for an hour... They do it again:

The state House has passed what the Snyder administration says is a new and improved emergency manager law but opponents say is a warmed-over version of what voters rejected Nov. 6...

Incoming House Minority Leader Tim Greimel, D-Auburn Hills, said it is a "mirror image" of what voters just rejected and "another slap in the face to democracy perpetrated by this House."

Immediate effect for the new bill was rejected 63-45, meaning it would take effect around the end of March if passed by the Senate, likely to happen Thursday, and signed by Gov. Rick Snyder, as expected.

No word on whether this bill will be untouchable due to some "appropriation" hidden deep inside it as is the recent right to work (for less) legislation that just passed. Or whether the people will be able to prevent it from coming into effect just like they did the last one with a signature gathering effort -- and then voted the previous emergency manager bill down via a referendum a little more than a month ago.

We know that neither the Michigan legislature nor Governor Synder care one wit about how the people might think -- or vote. The only real question is -- what's next on the agenda? Repeal of women's right to vote? Or the entire Bill of Rights?

Update via SF Chronicle:

Gov. Rick Snyder has endorsed the proposal, which includes a $770,000 appropriation to cover managers' salaries. That provision would prevent a second defeat at the polls because spending bills are legally shielded from referendums.
So, indeed, it would be shielded from a people's veto and it could not be stopped from going into effect.

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