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Well, I've been trying pet battles out this week, spurred on by getting an Ominous Seed from my Tillers. (I have a second one growing, so expect a Terrible Turnip in the GV soon).

I'm not very good at it, and have been avoiding the PvP pet battles, but I have a team leveled up to about level 11 that's designed to capture wild pets:

The aforementioned Terrible Turnip: His (hers? its?) job is to do most of the heavy lifting for capturing pets. It has an ability that boosts everyone's maximum health - both teams - so that I can get pets to 35% health and capturable more quickly. It has an attack that heals itself (yeah, I've decided to go with "it") but the real winner is its primary move, which will not reduce a critter below 1 hit point.

Clockwork Gnome: Go Archaeology! This little guy is good against Beasts, which is what many of the capturable battle pets are. I'll swap him in to soften up a tougher Beast or a Mechanical with his Railgun and/or Turret abilities.

Panther Cub: Yay, um, whatever quest I did to get this at some point. The other most  common wild pets are Critters, and this little combat monster eats them. No, I'm not kidding, he gets a heal from it and everything. When I run into a Critter that's too tough for the Turnip, this is the one that chews it down to size.

So, because I've never played Pokemon and have no idea what I'm doing, I'm currently concentrating on collecting a wide variety of pets to not know what to do with. I have a lot of trouble with Aquatics because the little bastards self-heal and have attacks that are strong against one and often all of my team. Other than that, it seems to be going well.

If anyone else out there is pet battling, drop us some tips on teams, abilities, and strategies. I thought the pet battles would be simple like Pokemon, but instead it's a frustrating, near-incomprehensible mess of interacting special abilities like Pokemon.

Here's Ninotchka with the Team Kaels and Challenge Mode Report:

Hello from Team Kaels! When last we chatted, we had just finished out the first instance of Tier 14, Mogu’shan Vaults, by demolishing the Will of the Emperor encounter. In order to relax and de-stress from that fight, which involves a lot of tank movement and alertness, we moved on to the Heart of Fear and a fight with Blade Lord Ta’yak… an encounter that involves a lot of tank movement and alertness. Oh, and dodging tornados in a slender corridor while an angry insect pours poison down on your head. We learned this fight fairly quickly, and the first time we almost all managed to get to the end of tornado alley safely we had a kill. Aside from one person who shall remain nameless who spent the last 15% of the fight lying on the floor. It’s OK. I like floors. The next fight we’re working on is Garalon. In the Heart of Fear, Bug Squishes You.



Hey Moody - you can add to that. We actually killed Blade Lord Tay'ak on Tuesday, and made some really, really good progress on Garalon last night. It took some practice, but I'm pretty sure our amazing kiters have things figured out now. We even got him to 23% on our first night of attempts at this guy.
The dungeon challenge team has been battling the Finals monster and the Holiday With Family monster, so I have nothing new to report this week.
Here's Pamena with the Team RubiPam and Saturday Night Massacre Report:
Team RubiPam is at this point 3/16, but Tuesday, rather than go on to do the troll boss and get to Spirit Kings, we decided to take a look at Heart of Fear (this decision was helped by being one tank down, as the first boss is a one-tank fight.) Imperial Vizier Zor'lok is interesting and kind of fun to try - there's a mechanic that is like Atrameides in Tier 11, with the sound discs, except these are small, faster and will kill you in normal mode. Much of our time there was spent learning how to spot the spiral pattern that allow you to avoid the discs - but we did get to the next phases a few times, and on one pull had him down to 24% so it was good night of learning the ropes. We are taking tonight, Thursday, off for holiday parties and wallpaper scraping and general exhaustion, but next week we'll be back at it.

The Sat Night Massacre went extremely smoothly on the Sha last week - and we had 17 people go for a guild LFR, which was great! This week, by popular demand, we will do Ulduar after the Sha - classic raid, and the guild is still missing Alone in the Dark from our Northrend raid achievements. Also I hear rumors that someone needs something for classic weapon in there? Anyway, this is a raid that is soloable at this point I think, so should be quick and fun, as long as a few people who actually know the place come along with us.

And finally, the Tab 3 Report from Mahuae:

Very clean Tab 3 report:

Contender's Leather Bracers, lvl 90 leather
Helm of Elemental Binding, lvl 85 mail
Phantasmal Hammer, lvl 85 mace

Again, if you oversee a GV tab and you want a report in the weekly post, please drop me a Kosmail, send me an email, or post something on the forums.

That's my week. For the Horde!

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