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                                    Addendum to above: First is first. Second can be skinkond.
                                           Thank you and have an IVH night.

   Hey there, fellow venthooligans! Welcome to the plain old 12.13.12, Thursday night edition of the IVH.  Sadly, Tuesday afternoon Portland joined the ranks of the cities where the nice, but troubled kid dons dark camo and a Jason mask, grabs his stolen assault rifle (why isn't there a ban on these quick killers?) and goes running into a crowded mall and starts shooting at random innocent people. Managing to mortally wound two and seriously injure a pretty young teenage girl. The count would have been higher had his rifle not jammed. Unfortunately, he managed one more shot, to himself, bringing the total fatalities to three. The mall is still closed. Packages, purses, strollers and whatever else was dropped in a desperate urge to find safety, has been secured and awaits pick-up when the mall is cleaned and repaired. If it was me, someone else would be making the pickup round. Local stations went live from the parking lot, grabbing harried shoppers as they made their exit, asking all the requisite questions, for hours. The shoppers were unable to drive off the lot as it was locked down. Many had left their purses and/or keys inside, as well as cell phones. It was a long, dreary, rainy night. As a third generation Portlander, I'd rather not join the cities experiencing random and senseless acts of violence.
    Enough, how about some happier CraigyFerg stuff? Guests tonight include Howie Mandel and actress Olivia Williams
    Here's the clip from last night, I must have dozed off and missed Craig's hankie moment but I saw the end. Please tell me what I missed. caught it!

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