I haven't seen anyone post the full unedited video of the Union guy who punched Steven Crowder, so I'm posting it now.

It's via TheYoungTurks.

The unedited video starts at 1:10, and you can see the Union man fall to the ground, and gets up assuming that Crowder assaulted him, and proceeds to punch him. There are two important points here: one is that you can't tell who shoved the Union guy. It might be Crowder, it might not be. It might have been an accident. I wouldn't accuse Crowder.

But the second point: if you have to selectively edit the video so that the union worker looks like he is attacking unprovoked, you have no journalistic integrity. You aren't telling the whole story. Someone shoved him to the ground. You need to show that. You can defend yourself and say you didn't shove him, but you can't make it seem as if no one shoved him.

This video does not confirm that Crowder assaulted the Union guy first. It does confirm that Crowder has no journalistic integrity.

What's funny is that Cenk says that NYT noticed that Hannity accidentally showed the full tape initially. When you are accidentally showing unbiased footage, it doesn't say much about your integrity. Especially after you are already infamous for your lack of integrity from the "palm trees" incident during the Wisconsin protests.

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