In the light of the two most recently-publicized shooting tragedies, one of a horrific proportion, and especially since I don't believe any right-wing gun advocacy organization will do so, I'd like to share a message that I to other gun owners in the US:

I believe you have a Constitutional, individual right (both as written and interpreted by the SCOTUS) to keep and bear arms. Further, I think individual humans have a natural right to possess weaponry that can guarantee stopping another individual who does or likely may possess (within reason, not talking about the rando guy with a hand grenade) said weaponry.

I do not believe the 2nd Amendment, nor your human rights, allow your the moral and ethical disaster that is being anywhere near guns while in emotional distress, or that are not legally yours to own and/or carry.  

If you don't at least agree the weight of SCOTUS decisions allow citizens in the US to keep and bear arms, then there's not even any point in weighing in on this discussion, should one occur under this diary.
So, fleshed out with more details, here's my message to fellow gun owners:

Guns can and are used for many purposes in the US. Appropriate uses of guns include: hunting within the legal limits, target shooting, collecting, and as the last line of defense against those who you or your family are in imminent danger of life-threatening harm.

They are not to be used because you are mad at someone, against someone who insulted or cheated you, against someone who no longer loves you. They are not to be used or possessed to show off or by any other justification not related to the prior paragraph.


1. If you are angry, sad, depressed, extremely anxious, have been diagnosed with or told by people you trust that you may have a mental disorder, you should not own, nor be near, guns. You should remove yourself from those situations.

2. If you store guns near anyone who is angry, sad, depressed, extremely anxious, has been diagnosed with or that you fear has a mental disorder, or anyone without the training or maturity level necessary to appropriately handle a gun, you should remove those guns from that situation.

3. If you possess a gun that is illegally-owned, even if you don't use it, you should turn it in to the authorities during the next nearby gun drop-off. You will not be asked any questions about the gun, and you are preventing its misuse.

EVERY gun owner (Fuck the NRA, they're beyond help and are a rightwing shrill beyond gun issues anyway) should endorse the above statements, reiterate them to their loved ones and any others whom they know possess firearms, and contribute to public service communications that communicate the same. As gun owners who value that the 2nd Amendment enshrines our natural rights, we should take the PROACTIVE INITIATIVE to ensure the guns are used ONLY safely and appropriately.

Thank you for reading. God be with those who have passed, and their families, due to illegal gun violence over the past week.

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