In the light of the horror of reading about what went on in Newton I can't help but finding myself to reflect on what I would do as a teacher if heaven forbid the unthinkable would happen.   This is more of therapy for me and its written in more of a stream of conscience, I was writing what I was thinking.

As I sit and type this out I can't help but think of the door behind me that is to be locked at all times and with a paper cover to place over the small window to cover it up and then I see over to my desk where I am suppose to take my kids to and keep quiet until it passes.

I think to myself what would I do if the unthinkable were to occur.  I hope that I would have the strength to do what so many of the brave teachers at Sandy Hook did.  Even with the numbers of the dead so high it should be pointed out how many were saved.  The teachers who I know must have been as scared as the children showed true composure and professionalism in handling this situation.  They comforted those that needed it first even when they themselves were going through an unimanginable hell

As much as many of us in our profession think that sometimes the kids don't listen to us, I know that they do.  They listen, they observe, and they watch us and take our lead.   To show the bravery that many of those teachers did must have took a huge amount of courage and guts in the light of the horror going on around them.  We as teachers need to continue to show that courage in the aftermath of what happened.  The school will reopen and the kids will come back.  As teachers we will be ready to not only teach them but to lead and comfort them when they will need it.

So to my fellow teachers in Newton, you have done us proud and honor those in this most honorable profession.

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