Just about everyone we know has children, and most of them are holding their children a little closer and tighter tonight. I offer this prayer I have been using as my primary prayer for years below the fold.

Creator Almighty,
hold in your care the children of the world;
those orphaned, homeless and hungry,
victims of war and slavery,
victims of violence and abuse,
victims of disease and addiction;
cradle them in your love,
and know that
some of us down here love them too.

5:18 PM PT: my world has become soft as nothingness
fragile as a eulogy
a lament stronger than steel
a psalm of helplessness
a psalm of weakness
we can no longer protect our children
and our families are broken
now my prayers are wordless
have mercy on us cries my heart
the body of our country
is beyond a doctor’s help
and there is nowhere to go from here

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