Barely two hours after today's horrific shooting in Connecticut, Bryan Fischer was already blaming those godless libruls for yet another national tragedy.  On today's edition of Focal Point, Fischer pointed the finger squarely at the ban on mandatory prayer in public schools.  No, I'm not kidding.

Fischer claimed that since there's no prayer in school, God didn't have his hand over Sandy Hook Elementary because "God is not going to go where he is not wanted."  He then actually had the gall to say that if administrators really want to protect our kids, they'll start every day with prayer.

Fischer has said some stupid and unhinged stuff before, but this has got to be one of the worst.  I wonder if he'd have the guts to say this if he'd been talking to the parents who lost their kids today, rather than in the security of his studio in Tupelo.

Fischer has spent this afternoon doubling down on Twitter:

Between those tweets he displayed his hypocrisy by complaining about an MSNBC host's commentary on the shooting: Um, Bryan?  Isn't that what you've been doing?

Tell Fischer what you think of his idiocy--pester him on Twitter at @BryanJFischer.  Also let his bosses at American Family Radio know how you feel on Facebook.

2:53 PM PT: Moravan mentions in the comments that Mike Huckabee expressed similar sentiments on Faux News, telling Neil Cavuto that our schools have become "a place of carnage" because "we have systematically removed God" from them.  I ask the same question that I asked about Fischer--would Huckabee have the guts to say that to the face of someone who lost their child today?

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