I look down on them; I really don't care what they have to say, what their beliefs are, how they feel about any particular issue, how their neck and head veins pop out when they spew hateful nonsense and raise their voices with ignorant indignation.  I don't care about their fanatical religious views and beliefs, and about how the ignorant masses of pea-brained individuals parrot right wing talking points drafted inside billionaires-funded think tanks and media propaganda tools like FoxNews and Rush.

I look down on all of them; on the NRA, on the Republican National Committee, on the myriad of right wing organizations with the misnomer "family" in their names.

Why?  Because I know they are insane; they are filled with hate and are irrational, and they embrace ignorance and simplistic views of the world and society.  I have no interest in anything they have to say.

Then why does the "liberal media" spends 99% of their reporting talking about these miscreants, these lunatics, these small-minded, ignorance-loving segment of society.  It doesn't make any sense.

Let's have our own agenda and ram it through with energy, with certitude, with conviction, with gusto.  Let's relish on that; let's spend time on developing our own powerful, take-no-prisoners, think tanks;  let's devise ways of taking over the pillars of society, a la Dominionists.  Let's take over the media (which means liberating it from the deadly grasp of corporate media conglomerates).  How do we liberate city halls across the country, which are not under the control of corporatists?

What does it take to repeal the 2nd Amendment or at least enact very strong and effective gun control laws, the NRA be damned?  How do we break down the criminal banking monopolies that have taken the country hostage?  How do we make a push for 100% unionization of the labor workforce?

Let's talk about those things... Think about it: When you engage in a constant interaction with lunatics you are spending a lot of precious time and energy, and it is draining.  There is nothing worst than to try to reason with somebody that's irrational.  There is really not that much difference in trying to reason with somebody who is clinically insane.

How do you talk or reason with somebody who things our president is a Kenyan Muslim, or who things that the earth is 6,000 years old?  I have no interest in engaging with them; I look down on them; they are of inferior intellect.  My only interest is in marginalize them, in neutralizing them, in defeating them, and in helping bring about a society that is successful at educating its people so we have less of these ignorance-loving fanatics.

Reader, try it.  I challenge you.  Share a diary about taking action, about moving the glorious liberal and progressive agenda forward.  Be creative.  Think big!  How would you go about unionizing 100% of the labor force?  Any ideas about how we unionize Target and Walmart employees?  How do we make sure that the thousands of Wall Street criminals who looted the country during the last decade are brought to justice?

How do we break to grip corporatist organizations like ALEC and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have in city halls across the country?  About reviving and improving the OWS movement?

How would you go about spreading a small business movement with tens of thousands of employee-owned companies and collectives?

There is so much we can do and advocate; there is so much power we have.  Engaging with the lunatic ignorant-loving right wing is a waste of time.  They are not worth your time.

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