Affects of standardized educational experience on children.
I am horrified by yesterday's tragedy in Connecticut. This shit is getting to be too common place. What the hell is going on?

When education and learning experiences are micro managed by legislative bullshit like NCLB and RttT, there will be problems.

Just to reiterate. When education policy makers view children as data points instead of young human beings, I question the efficacy of their legislation.

How long will it take before people reject the data driven, mass production of educational experience where policy makers view children as cogs in a machine and the learning process as a simple matter of filling the blank slate?

When will we start carefully educating children as developing human beings individually endowed with unique characteristics and capacities?

When schools become places where children feel humiliated for any reason, or do not feel they belong, then education policy needs to change.

We have no problem bailing out Wall Street after they fuck up the World economy, but we do not take care of our most vulnerable citizens.

Our schools deal with children's formative minds. We should be taking every conceivable step to follow the Hippocratic oath: "Do no harm." So I ask the question, Is high stakes testing and non consensual test prep, data driven educational experience the best way to educate young children?

Who the hell is driving educational priorities?

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