Even if you live in Rick Scott's Florida, there are many small things to be grateful for. Today though, there is finally one big thing to be grateful for. Today was the deadline for states to announce whether they would administer Obamacare's health care exchanges. These are to be online marketplaces in each state where individuals not otherwise covered will be able to compare and purchase health insurance; they'll start January 1st, 2014, with no discrimination in price or access for those having pre-existing conditions. Rick Scott opted out, leaving the Federal Government in charge.

Scott's administration will not create a so-called health insurance exchange under the law, the Miami Herald reported...
He had been saying he just might threatening to create his own for weeks, but
In the end, Scott got back to where he began: No. The Miami Herald reported that his administration blamed a lack of information from the federal government for the decision.

"At this time we do not have sufficient information on the cost of implementing a state health care exchange to Florida taxpayers, Florida businesses or Florida health insurance purchasers," said Jackie Schutz, the governor's spokeswoman. "We are looking forward to getting more information from HHS and the president.

It's hard to imagine serial health care system defrauder Rick Scott in charge of Florida's Obamacare health care exchange. Kind of like appointing Bernie Madoff the new Secretary of the Treasury. Far better for Florida's citizenry that the Federal Government run Florida's exchanges, just like they are currently running Florida's Obamacare PCIP (Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan), another program Rick Scott declined to have Florida administrate.

You want some more good news? Another Rick isn't running his state's exchange either: Rick Perry. Nor is Scott Walker. Nor John Kaisch of Ohio. Nor - oh my FSM thank you -- is Jan Brewer of Arizona. In fact most Republican Governors have declined to administer their exchanges leaving, ironically, the Federal government in charge.

Hours before a midnight deadline, 25 states are on track to default to federal control of the health insurance exchanges in their states, seven will work in partnership with federal authorities, while 18 states and the District of Columbia will operate state-run health insurance exchanges, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Most states not building exchanges have Republican governors and most states that plan to take on the task are run by Democrats.


The next step is for Rick Scott to cede all control of Florida to the Feds, and Rick Perry to secede Texas from the Union. Well, a fella can dream, can't he?

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