If yesterday wasn't the right time...how about today?

  • Ezra Klein on mass shootings in the United States. The entire thing is worth reading, but here's the preamble:
    When we first collected much of this data, it was after the Aurora, Colo. shootings, and the air was thick with calls to avoid “politicizing” the tragedy. That is code, essentially, for “don’t talk about reforming our gun control laws.”

    Let’s be clear: That is a form of politicization. When political actors construct a political argument that threatens political consequences if other political actors pursue a certain political outcome, that is, almost by definition, a politicization of the issue. It’s just a form of politicization favoring those who prefer the status quo to stricter gun control laws.

  • Even Rupert Murdoch is wondering why our legislators don't do anything about massacre prevention. But if anyone knows why we don't, it's Rupert Murdoch.
  • Maybe we could also take a look at fixing our broken mental health care system.
  • On the lighter side:
    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco's city attorney is urging a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to overturn the city's recently approved nudity ban.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reports (http://bit.ly/... ) Dennis Herrera responded Thursday to the complaint filed by nudity activists who say the ordinance violates their constitutional rights.

    The ban was approved by the Board of Supervisors this month and is scheduled to take effect Feb. 1. It bars nudity in public places, with exceptions at events like the Bay to Breakers race and the Folsom Street Fair.

    A Google image search for the Folsom Street Fair is most certainly NSFW.
  • Some statistics on the effectiveness of the now-expired assault weapons ban. Hint: it was effective.
  • Although from many months ago, this satirical piece from The Onion is always on point in horrific situations like this.
  • This is just odd:
    CARSON CITY, Nevada -- A substitute teacher from California was found to be the only heir to a fortune of gold coins discovered by a cleaning crew in the home of a reclusive cousin who quietly stashed away a treasure of more than $7 million before he died this year.

    A court hearing in Carson City is scheduled Tuesday, when a judge is expected to certify first cousin Arlene Magdanz as the lone heir to the treasure valued at $7.4 million found in the home of Walter Samaszko Jr., Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover told the Nevada Appeal.

    Someone's lucky day.
  • We conclude this somber open thread with a reminder that Mitt Romney is, has been, and always will be a dick:
    While the election ended over a month ago, relations between news outlets and the Romney campaign may become even more fraught in the near future.

    Multiple organizations are preparing to file an official complaint regarding large charges billed to them by the campaign for meals and other events, reported BuzzFeed.

    It is common practice for campaigns to front the cost of meals and other expenses, such as bus travel, for campaign reporters and afterwards bill the news outlets for the expenditures.

    But now some outlets claim the bills are much larger than normal. In one instance, reporters were each charged $812 for a meal and a rented space where they waited before going to an event. Reporters were charged $745 after attending a “viewing party” for the vice presidential debate that featured food and alcohol.

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