I heard about the Newton Shooting at work yesterday and last night joined the my congregation in the Mourners' Kaddish, feeling empty.  It was the same as with Columbine, Tucson, Aurora, so many others and now in a elementary school in Newton.  I am sad and frustrated as I know what will happen.  

Segments of the left will call for banning some or all guns.  Most of the right will blame the shooter and suggest that everyone should carry a gun.  Saner voices will call for improving mental health care.  

I will do none of these.  I blame the right.  These mass murders seem to happen more often now that the neo-liberal agenda is in place thanks to disaster capitalism and the pernicious effect of legalized bribery.  No real safety net, mental health services, or concept of community.  So many people isolated in suburbia.  A loss of Unions, and bowling alone.  Our very social fabric is rent by Wall Street in their cheerful debasement of our coins. That is where I must place blame.  

I don’t blame guns (the more liberal Swiss laws make that argument), violent video games or the victims for not being armed themselves.  The moment that its less about me and more about we, I will have some hope we will see less of this.

I hate to post and run, but I will stay around as long as I can before heading off to see The Hobbit.  

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