Yesterday the teachers in Connecticut proved that a teacher's job includes being: the police, homeland security, baby sitters and educators.

     Yet so many of rightwinged politicians think teachers are lazy and do not deserve collective bargaining and certainly do not deserve the menial bullshit pay we pay them.

      These same politicians work about 50 gawd damn days a year and bitch about teacher's not doing enough for our kids.  

      If a gunmen went into the House or Senate Chambers, everyone of these politicians would shit and piss all over themselves and run like hell and then demand the taxpayer pay for their 'security' for ever, and ever amen.

      They don't have the courage to do what Teachers in Connecticut did, or the teachers in Virginia Tech, Columbine, or what Paducah Kentucky High School teachers did.

      The rightwing politicians suck the gun barrel of the NRA and the gun manufacturing lobbyists and say the 2nd Amendment grants the People right to own weapons of mass destruction and --- oh --- sorry that your children are being murdered.

      These politicians leech our tax dollars, damn near get free medical coverage and have the effing nerve to say teachers do not do enough for the menial bullshit pay they get.

     They bitch and chant that teacher's do not deserve collective bargaining because teachers are lazy, good for nothing, leaches who cannot educate our kids because that stupid test our kids take gives the illusion that our kids rank around 28th in science.

      These politicians are also the same politicians who fail science, reject science and are so illiterate in math and science that they are too god damn stupid to realize that America tests 100% of their student body while China, India and other countries only test their top 10%

      Do these politicians suggest we only test our top 10%? No, because they fail math and they are too damn dumb to know that when we test 100% and other countries test their top 10% we are comparing oranges with cake ... both are edible but are not scientifically comparable.

      Right now the NRA and the gun lobby are spouting "we need armed guards in schools, malls etc"
... that's right they want the United States to look like a 3rd World country in combat.

      So when I called the NRA and suggested they lobby for Congress to pass a Bill to force gun manufacturers to pay an extra tax that will pay for armed guards at schools, malls, theaters -- they hang up.

      Then when I call back the NRA and suggest they lobby for Congress to pass a Bill to force every person who owns a gun to pay an extra tax, per gun, per bullet that will fund and pay for armed guards at schools, malls, theaters -- they hang up.

address: 11250 Waples Mill Road  Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 267-1000
     In my opinion, the spokespeople for the NRA say things that, to me, make them sound mentally unstable and a danger to society.  They should not be allowed to own guns until they can pass a mental health test.

      Yesterday the NRA said that "if teachers had loaded guns they could have prevented the carnage." ... that's right, the NRA expects teachers to get paid peanuts and at the same time be SWAT.

      Yet, when I phoned the NRA, again, and told them the Teacher who did have loaded guns was killed with her loaded guns - so her loaded guns did not save her life -  and the teacher's loaded guns caused the carnage -- they again, hung up on me.

      I know those politicians and the money grubbing NRA and gun Lobby will never change because they are mentally unstable, pieces of shit -- i just needed to put down my thoughts on this 'war on ... war on .... war on the People.

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Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions.

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