In the aftermath of this senseless, heinous crime while we gather ourselves to give support and again state that we can not let this happen again we will be reminded of why it has been so difficult to make any progress against the gun violence.  As we try to even discuss the possibility of enacting policies to prevent such tragedy in the future there will be the usual push back.  But,but our freedoms!  What about our freedoms?  How about our rights and the constitution?  

For over thirty years the 'freedoms' argument has won.  The party of individualism over common good,  massive deregulation over sensible protections and of having the confidence that if the few do very well their success will 'trickle down' upon the rest of us has stacked the cards.   We are now witness to what has been wrought from the abundance of 'freedoms'

The abundance of 'freedom' has wrecked the global economy and has been responsible for the loss of a generation of forward movement by the middle class.

'Freedoms'  made our health care system one of the most incommensurate on Earth.  With access only to those well enough or wealthy enough to afford it.

The 'freedom'  to pollute has driven our planet to a climate crisis which imperils our species and which we may not be able to mitigate.

'Freedoms' have endangered our education system, our health, our food systems and our very privacy.

And now 'freedom' has massacred our children.

I am sick to death of 'freedoms'

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